Metrotile® Roof Tiles are fire proof to European Standards

Tested and certified to:

  • EN 13501-5:2016 by Warrington Fire, Belgium
  • EN 14783:2013 by Warrington Fire, Belgium
  • EN 14782:2006 by Warrington Fire, Belgium

Avoid the threat of fire to life & property

• Lower Insurance premiums
• Lightweight making Metrotile cheaper and more environmentally friendly to transport
• Metrotiles wont break or crack during transport
• Less waste, Less cost
• Our tiles require less support, saving cost on your structural timber and frame
• Quick and easy to install
• The tough Alu-Zinc steel wont crack or rust
• Tiles will not move during wind or storms
• Incredible security – can not be removed by intruders
• Virtually maintance free
• Free 15 year Coastal Warranty
• Fireproof (ASTM Grade A fire rating)
• Inpenetrable by animals and insects

• The need to be located away from overhanging trees
• Greater risk of lighning strikes damaging the home & the need to install lightning rods – More time and cost!
• More support and time when constructing
• Potential for leaks
• Risk of movement in winds or storms
• A lot more intense maintenance
• Animals can cause damage – Birds nests, etc.
• Risk of insect infestation
• Prone to fungal attacks
• Decays and decomposes over time
• Needs replacing every 8-10 years
• The process of thatching is more labour intensive, which effects the overall cost
• Higher insurance costs
• More vunerable to fire risk

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